Release Notes
Version: 1.5.8

For more information about using the product please see the SAS section on the Opacus website.


To use the SAS you need a licence key. A free no-obligation ten day trial licence is available here: http://www.opacus.co.uk/sugarcrm-activities-sync-trial-registration. This is a fully-functional trial to allow full appraisal of the product on your SugarCRM system and connected devices.

Currently an annual subscription to the Opacus SAS is available to purchase for $99 on the Opacus website here: http://www.opacus.co.uk/products/sugarcrm-extensions/sugarcrm-activities-sync-annual-subscription


A valid licence (see above).

Web Server/PHP: SAS has been tested on Apache version 2 and 2.2 and PHP versions 5.2 and 5.3. It is known to work with the following configurations:

Database Server: SAS has been tested and is known to work with MySQL versions 5.0 and 5.1. Other versions of MySQL are unlikely to cause issues.

Work on MSSQL support is in progress, all tests passed to date but we welcome feedback if the module is deployed on an MSSQL database server.


SAS has been tested and is known to work without issues on the following clients:

Note: Invitees support is only available on clients that fully support Attendees. At present this is limited to Sunbird, Thunderbird/Lightning and iCal.

The following clients have been tested and are known NOT to function fully

Other clients are untested and may work. We welcome reports of issues/success stories.



If you have any further questions about the Opacus SAS please contact the development and support team at support@opacus.co.uk

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