what is Jelliphy?

Jelliphy, developed by dispage, is the first complete browser-based tool for graphic web design.

Jelliphy LITE and EXT bookmarklets

Jelliphy Lite and Jelliphy Extended are bookmarklets that allow anyone to visually edit any web page by simply access the page and click the bookmarklet.

Follow this link to use Jelliphy LITE now for free

Jelliphy PRO plugin

Jelliphy PRO is a plugin installable on any PHP site.

See Jelliphy PRO in action with some of the top PHP applications.

how to use Jelliphy PRO in my PHP site?

  1. Purchase a license of Jelliphy PRO
  2. Follow the Jelliphy PRO installation procedure
  3. Go to any page of your site and click the bookmarklet
  4. Enter the username / password you have chosen in the Login prompt at to top right of the page